EnGen Features & Pricing

Cloud-based simulation solutions.

Free Essentials Professional Enterprise
$99 / year starting at $499 / year Contact Us
Our systems scale with your problem. Make use of more of our powerful HPC cores for parallel or concurrent execution.
1 core 1 core Customizable Pay-per-core-hour
Complex simulations require more simulation time per core. Scale to your needs with added simulation time.
10 min / Simulation up to 2 hr / Simulation up to 24 hr / Simulation Unlimited
Storage in the cloud means your data can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
10 Simulations up to 2 GB up to 100 GB Unlimited
Priority support and service is available from qualified simulation experts.
Limited Standard Full Custom Support
Team Projects
Add team members to projects and collaborate more easily.
E-mail notifications when simulations are finished.
Access to our complete database of public simulations.
Easy and secure invoicing for your company or team.

Subject to Fair-Use Policy. If you anticipate exceptional usage, we can accomodate private custom server solutions. Contact us for more details.