Supersonic Nozzle

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This project calculates the flow profile of a Rao thrust-optimized supersonic nozzle. The simulation domain is axisymmetric about the center axis in the flow direction. The nozzle mesh is dynamically generated based on defined inlet and throat radii, stagnation conditions, and the desired back pressure. Furthermore, the fluid properties can be specified through the molecular weight and heat capacity ratio. The simulation is laminar and uses a compressible solver.
published 29 May 2015
project id 2015/qaDgjRmx
software OpenFOAM v2.3.0
views 1350
tags nozzle, rao, rocket, parabolic, contour, axisymmetric, laminar, compressible, sonicFoam
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MW \(g/mol\)
\(P_0\) \(kPa\)
\(P_b\) \(kPa\)
\(R_\text{inlet}\) \(m\)
\(R_\text{throat}\) \(m\)
\(T_0\) \(K\)
\(\gamma\) \(\)
\(\frac{A_e}{A_t}\) \(\)
\(M_\text{exit}\) \(\)
\(\frac{T_0}{T_e}\) \(\)
\(V_\text{exit}\) \(m/s\)
\(end\ time\) \(s\)

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Colin McRae, "Supersonic Nozzle," ThinkSOLN EnGen [online database], 2015,
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