Stress analysis of a plate with a hole

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OpenFOAM tutorial for the linear-elastic, steady-state stress analysis of a square plate with a circular hole at its center.
published 31 Aug 2015
project id 2015/xNG5Xenb
software OpenFOAM v2.3.0
views 1307
tags tutorial, plate with hole, stress analysis, linear elastic, steady state, solidDisplacementFoam
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cells \(\)
\(l_\text{plate}\) \(m\)
\(r_\text{hole}\) \(m\)
\(\rho\) \(kg/m^3\)
\(\sigma\) \(Pa\)

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Colin McRae, "Stress analysis of a plate with a hole," ThinkSOLN EnGen [online database], 2015,
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